Tutorial - Sprite Packager

On the right-side menu, you'll be able to access sprite packages that you own (Personal), created by other users (Community) or from the Asset Store (Sold by other users, at the moment under construction).

When you click on Personal Sprite Packages, you'll be presented with the screen below. From there, you'll be able to create a package, edit a package previously created, browse a package and import a package in the current opened project.

To load graphics from your code, you must first import the graphics package into your project. This can be done for a package you created of for a package from the community list. Community Sprite Packages window allow you to browse and import packages into your project, but not to edit them as you don't have created them.

Right Side Menu

Sprite Basic Menu
Sprite Basic Editor

The Sprite Uploader

This pages allow you to upload sprites. You select images on your file system and drag and drop them into the drop zone window (the window inside broken lines).
You can drop multiples files at a time.
Once dropped, images will be uploaded to the server and you'll able to see them in drop zone. They will be surrounded by a button allowing you to erase selected images
If you wish to slice a sprite sheet into individual sprites, click on the blue button 'CLICK TO SLICE A SPRITESHEET'
For all sprites imported, the dimensions will be automatically happened to file name, so you know when you use them in code their dimensions and the scale you want to apply to them.

Sprite Basic Editor

The Sprite sheet Slicer

On this page, you can drop a sprite sheet that will be automatically sliced into individual sprites, based on image transparency.
Once the sprite sheet is sliced, you can either discard the result, if it is not up to your expectations, or select 'SAVE ALL' to include all sliced sprites into the current package.
If you choose to save all, please make sure that you wait that all data are saved before leaving the window. This can be quite time consuming as we make checks to ensure that all sprites are correctly uploaded.
Once data is completely saved, you will redirected directly to the uploader window, where you'll be able to check your imported sprites.

Sprite Basic Editor

Back to the Sprite Uploader

All your sprites have been saved, you have been redirected to the uploader window, to check sprites, eventually erase unwanted sprites.
You can then decide to publish this package or discard it. If you publish it you can then import package into your project and load images from your code.

Sprite Basic Editor

The Sprite Package Browser

On this page, you are presented with all sprites included in a package, along with their link to include in your code
To ease link inclusion, you just have to click on the blue link button and the link will be automatically copied to your clipboard (doesn't work on Safari, due to Apple restriction, you'll have to make a copy manually with CMD+C). You can then go back to the editor window and paste the link into your code.

Sprite Basic Editor