NUMBER PUZZLE BLASTER is a fast-paced puzzle game that will challenge your calculation skills.
Add numbers next to each other in order to get the required sums. To help you in this real brainstorming, you will have to win power ups and use your slick mind.
Help HARRY to go from is house, to his school and finally to the circus party through 150+ levels. Discover his journey and show the world how smart you are !
Click on a cube that belongs to a shape such as a line, a square or a cross. The sum of the cubes values of the figure must equal the aim sum above Harry to score
Once a bonus gets to the bottom of the screen you collect it. Click on a bonus on your left to select it then on a cube to activate it
On your left you see the numbers of each cube you have to achieve. Exploding cube figures will lower those amounts. Once all target are at zero, you clear the level
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