Change Log


Mobile devices Sprite Basic applications have been updated with a new full screen run mode and a custom copy/paste menu. Sprite Basic Website has been entirely redesigned and a new Forum section has been set up with instant access for registered users.


Updated for mobile devices Sprite Basic applications!


Many functions added, list would be too long, please check them in the API Reference

Added object properties


Sound Packager is now operational, you can import your musics and sound effects, package them and add them to your project.


Site is now fully functional. Project exporting of web apps and intel-xdk compatible project is now operational. Check Project/package on the right-hand side menu of the editor

A step by step tutorial on how to use Intel XDK to package freely to android, ios, windows/phone, Windows 10, Chrome Apps can be found in the tutorials section

Plugins allowing to display ads, make in-app purchases, do socials etc.. are under development.

Beta 0.7

Added functions to test collision upon sprites, without the need of using the physic engine. Added sprites made of computed shapes. Added layers to sprites/bodies drawing operations to allow for multi-parallax scrolling

Added input functions to get keyboards events, touch/mouse events, make buttons of sprites, create multi-states buttons and allow drag and drop on sprites

Improved the editor and wrote tutorials about using the framework. More on the way.

Beta 0.6

Added functions to create animations, as well to create animated sprites, animated bodies and many functions to control animations on start, play, loop, speed, go to frame

Added layers on sprites and bodies to allow for parallax views/scrolling

Beta 0.5

Sprite Basic Compiler is out. It includes a Sprite engine/renderer, a physic engine and tools to import graphics. Soon will be available mobile applications to test on real devices and the ability to export projects for mobile/web publishing